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Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva drew special attention to herself at a young age as someone who was naturally talented in art and music. Her parents realised that she needed to perfect her talents and sent her to the Zhubanov school for gifted children, where she focused on developing the musical side of her abilities. After several years of studying there and honing her musical skills, she still felt that something was missing in her life and realised that it was time for her to tackle her passion for art. This is where the artist’s road to fame started to blossom even further. 
When she was only 15 years old, Rakhimberdiyeva began her journey into the realm of art by applying to study at the Almaty College of Applied Arts. Once she began her classes, she was able to let her talents and imagination run free. By being surrounded by other likeminded students, she was able to use their energy combined with her innate unique capabilities to ascend the norm and create fascinating works that impressed and inspired. 
But this didn’t come without a lot of hard work, ambition and dedication. Among her inborn ability to create incredible artwork, Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva has a very humble side, and from a young age knew that pushing herself to be better at her devoted passion was the true key to mastery. By keeping that perspective during her studies, she quickly excelled at expanding her knowledge of art and became oriented around one goal, which in her words is “to make this world a more beautiful place”. 
As she continued her studies, Rakhimberdiyeva was introduced to the idea of Tengrism, which is an ancient religion that was and still is practiced in Kazakhstan and other parts of central Asia. She was captivated by the ideas of Tengrism as well as the cultural roots that it shared with her ancestors. As she explored this new topic, she was deeply moved by the symbolism of the religion and what it represented. Little did she know that her newfound interest would lead her towards what would be one of many pinnacles in her career several years later.
After completing her education at the Almaty College of Applied Arts, Rakhimberdiyeva realized that it was time for her to expand upon her knowledge and talents even more. She understood that in order to do this, it was time to explore the world of art outside of her native Kazakhstan. After searching through an array of choices, she decided that Taylor University in Malaysia would be the perfect choice to match her rare knack for art. Her years there were spent moving away from traditional art and painting and focusing more on digital art and creative design. Although it allowed Rakhimberdiyeva to expand her horizons and master the technology side of creativity, it was not where her passion was. Her soul craved the canvas boards, the smell of freshly mixed paints and the ability to use her hands and mind to transcend the ordinary into the incredible. 
She decided to transfer to Limkokwing University in Malaysia, where she was able to continue to let her love of classical art techniques grow. It was here that she pushed herself to even higher standards and expanded her skills. But it’s clear the artist never stops pushing towards her goals and once she graduated from her university, it was time to take her work back to Kazakhstan, where she could share her vision and adoration for art with her native people. 
Upon returning to Almaty, Rakhimberdiyeva captured the attention of many. Her craving from her past to study Tengrism and how it was connected to her culture was the perfect choice for her to show the world what she was truly made of. She set to work spending countless hours behind the canvas churning out one inspiring painting after the other. Due to her already popular reputation, the painter was contacted about participating in a very prestigious art exhibition that was going to take place in her native city. She was more than happy to oblige and decided that she would use her works of Tengrism to be her main focal point at the exhibition. She continues to work on new collections of paintings. Married. Raising a son.

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